Building Applications

Building Division Forms

Building Permit Application - construction and renovation               
Building Permit Application - demolition

Asbestos Affidavit supplements: 
             Asbestos Affidavit - Residential 
             Asbestos Affidavit - Non-residential

Substantial Improvement/Damage Worksheet

Solar Panel Installation
- Building Permit Addendum Form

Stormwater Pollution Prevention - Building Permit Addendum Form - Necessary if disturbing over 1/2 acre of soil

Owner-Builder Affidavit Form

Stand-alone Site Plan Worksheet

Stand-alone Contractor Assignment & Authorization Sheet

Notice of Commencement Form
Notice of Termination of the Notice of Commencement Form

Floodplain Review Form - Building Permit Supplement
Floodplain Review Form - for those uses not requiring a Building Permit

Contractor Registration Form 

Mobile Home Set-up Forms
Mobile Home Installation Workbook
Pre-owned Mobile Home Inspection Form

Building Code Exemption Forms
Non-Ag Buildings
Agricultural Buildings

State or Federal Forms

FEMA Elevation Certificate & Instructions

FEMA Floodproofing Certificate for Non-residential Structures