Code Compliance

Code Compliance Officer

The role of a Code Compliance Officer is to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Glades County by investigating and successfully resolving reported code violations. The Code Compliance Officer, prefers to educate the public about the code first and to obtain voluntary compliance on all issues through a professional and courteous manner.  She works to provide positive customer service to all citizens and bring properties into compliance with applicable codes.  
The Code Compliance Officer primarily focuses on and investigates code violations reported to this office by citizens, which means that her work is mostly reactive and complaint-driven. In some situations, the officer will act in a proactive manner if an obvious code violation is noticed.
Citizen reports are the main source of suspected violations.  Each report is investigated to determine whether a violation exists.  The Code Compliance Officer does not handle complaints for property or situations inside the limits of the City of Moore Haven – if you have such a situation please contact the City at (863) 946-0711.  The Code Compliance Officer does not handle complaints for property or situations inside the limits of the Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation.  
If you believe a code violation is occurring and would like to make a report, you can do one of the following:
  • Email The Code Compliance Officer at, please be aware that your email address becomes part of the public record and must be made available to the public upon request. 
  • Call (863) 946-6019
  • Make the report in person at the Community Development Department building, located at 198 6th Street  SW,  Moore Haven.
  • Electronic Complaint Form
You do not need to give us a contact name if you want to make an anonymous complaint.
When reporting a possible violation, please provide a specific location where the violation is occurring, preferably the exact building/property address and unit number, then describe the condition you have observed. You can also request a Code Compliance violation search to find out if a property has any open code violations against it.  Please call the number above or fax a request to (863) 946-1535.  There is currently no charge for this service.