Planning and Zoning

Susan BuChans, AICP
Jenny Allen, Office Manager

The Planning Staff ensure the sustainability of the Glades County community through the coordination of both short range and long range planning. 
This office is primarily responsible for preparation, coordination and implementation of the Glades County Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Regulations. We are here to facilitate development and ensure that such development follows the rules set down by County Commissioners.  These rules are applicable to everyone within the unincorporated area of the County and everyone shall be treated with fair and equal treatment.

Planning and Zoning is responsible for:

  • Administering and updating the comprehensive plan. 
  • Administering, interpreting, and updating the Land Development Regulations. 
  • Review and processing of Rezoning Applications, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Special Exceptions, Variances, Appeals, Plat and Subdivision Review, and Plat and Road Vacations. 
  • Providing Land Use Verification Letters. 
  • Impact Fee Calculation – Impact Fees are currently suspended till March 17, 2023. 
  • Responses to the general public, land development professionals and realtors inquiring about permitted land uses and development standards. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

The plan provides guidance for the physical growth of the County through the composition of sound plans, programs and policies.  The Glades County Comprehensive Plan is an official public document adopted by the Commissioners to guide decision making related to the development of the County. The Comprehensive Plan describes the County’s vision of itself in the future and translates that vision into policies, programs, and public investments. The Comprehensive Plan is comprised of ten elements, or chapters, that address the full range of topics affecting physical development of the County. Together, these elements shape the County’s growth in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way. Each element includes one or more goals. A goal is a long-term statement toward which programs and activities are ultimately directed. Each goal is supported by one or more objectives, which are specific, measurable action items that are achievable and mark progress toward that goal. Objectives are implemented according to the direction provided by one or more policies. Policies describe the way in which specific programs and activities should be conducted to achieve an identified goal. These policies are then implemented through the Land Development Regulations.


Zoning focuses on how land is currently being used and how it can be used in the future. The goal is to provide for public safety and protect the character of the community.  Zoning is a tool that plays an important part in helping local governments guide community growth and development. It is the division of land into Zoning Districts to ensure that growth and development progress in a fashion that minimizes potential conflicts between uses. Zoning is all about preserving the quality of health, safety and welfare in our community.
The Zoning code consists of descriptions of each Zoning District and the Zoning Map. The purpose of the code is to lay out the rules that apply to each of the Zoning Districts. For each zoning district, there is outlined what uses can be developed, what sizes the lots have to be, what the setbacks are from property lines, height limitations, and other similar development regulations.
And the purpose of the map is to illustrate how the entire area of the community is classified and divided up into distinct districts. Every parcel within the County is identified as being in at least one zoning district.