Emergency Management Activations

Disasters always occur at the local level. For some types of natural disasters, like slow rising floods or approaching hurricanes, warning is available. Other disasters, like earthquakes, happen with little or no warning. The citizens in the area where the event occurs and their local governments and voluntary agencies are the first to have to cope with the damage.

The local government maintains control of all assets used in the response and recovery efforts, regardless of the source of those assets. Local governments must plan and prepare for this role with the support of the State and Federal Governments.

Here is a list of recent Activations
(Emergency Orders/Declarations/Local State of Emergency):

Emergency Ordinances:
CS/CS/SB/2006: Emergency Management
Florida Statutes (252.36 Emergency Management Power of the Governor)

Declarations & Local State of Emergency
Glades County Ordinance 84-8 (Hurricane Irma) Resolution No. 2017-22
Glades County Ordinance 84-8 (Hurricane Dorian) Resolution No. 2019-5
Office of the Governor Executive Order No. 20-68 (Emergency Management - COVID-19)
Glades County Ordinance 84-8 (COVID-19) Resolution No. 2020-6
Glades County Ordinance 84-8 (Hurricane Tropical Storm Eta) Resolution No. 2020-28

We have no active Declarations/Local State of Emergency Orders at the present time.