Glades County Shelters

The following are lists of shelters Glades County has identified. Shelters may or may not be activated during an event due to various reasons. Emergency Management will put out notifications to the public when shelters will be activated.

Buckhead Ridge VFW 29012 E SR 78, BHR 100
Maple Grove Baptist Church 12777 E SR 78 NE, Lakeport 350
Moore Haven High School Gym (Animal Shelter) 700 Terrier Pride Drive SW, Mh 500
Muse Community Center 3897 Loblolly Bay Rd, Muse 65
Ortona Community Center 2086 Ortona Locks Rd, Ortona 65
West Glades Elementary School (Animal Shelter) 2586 CR 731, Building 500, Muse 330

ARC Approved Special Needs Shelter Address Capacity
Glades County Health Department 1021 Health Park Drive, MH (Backup)  
West Glades Elementary School 2586 CR 731, Building 300, Muse 60

Other Shelters Address Capacity
Buckhead Ridge Community Center 30082 E SR 78, BHR  
Doyle Conner Building 900 US HWY 27 SW, MH 500
Lakeport Community Center 1239 Red Barn Rd, LP  
Moore Haven Elementary School 401 Terrier Pride Drive, MH 250
Washington Park Community Center 1182 Gamble Street, MH 60