Special Needs

Eligibility Requirements for Special Needs Shelters

Special needs shelters provide more care than a general shelter, but they do not provide the same level of care found in a medical facility. To the extent possible, these specialized shelters provide a safe environment and basic assistance to maintain your level of health. It is important to note that not every person with a disability needs to evacuate to a special needs shelter. In fact, some people with disabilities can be safely accommodated in general population shelters. Persons eligible for special needs shelters have a physical or mental condition that requires limited medical and/or nursing assistance that cannot be provided in a general population shelter.

Guidelines for admittance to special needs shelters are set by the Florida Department of Health. To ensure that your unique needs can be met, refer to the list of eligibility requirements below.

You MAY be eligible for a special needs shelter if you meet the following eligibility guidelines that include, but are not limited, to persons who require:

  • Special medical necessities but do not require hospitalization Precautions or isolation which cannot be handled in a general population shelter due to a contagious health condition(s).
  • Oxygen that can be manually supplied.
  • Full-time care or is accompanied by a caregiver at the shelter.
  • Assistance with medications and everyday tasks due to a chronic condition
    Periodic wound care assistance.
  • Accommodations beyond what can be facilitated at a general population shelter.

If you meet one or many of the above requirements please download the form below and return to:
Glades County Emergency Management
c/o PSN
1097 Health Park Drive
Moore Haven, Florida 33471

Florida Special Needs Brochure
Special Needs Registry Card


Special Needs Application - English
Special Needs Application - Spanish