Glades County Emergency Management is looking for volunteers...!!

We Need You
Volunteering brings many rewards.

Gain Valuable Job Experience
Develop New Interests and Friendships
Learn about Different County/City Programs and Services
A New Challenge Awaits
Ability to Share and Give Back to Your Community

Gain Skills Sets

Develop and Enhance Relevant Experience and Skills
Boost Self-Esteem
Improve Social and Personal Skills
Learn Career Building Skills

Getting Involved

Meet New People
Gain a Better Grasp of Understanding Others Ways of Life
Gain a Sense of Purpose and Become Happier
Making the World a Healthier and Happier Place
Becoming a Beacon of CHANGE

If you have questions or would like more information on volunteer training or how to become a volunteer, please contact our office at 863-946-6021 or emplanner@myglades.com

Contact Us:
Glades County Emergency Management (Glades County Volunteer Coalition)
1097 Health Park Drive, Moore Haven, FL 33471