• Sam Griffin Overlook Tower - Photo Credit - Russell ClementSam Griffin Overlook Tower - Photo Credit: Russell Clement
  • sliderWelcome to Glades County, Florida      Photo Credit - T. Bevis
  • Glades County CourthouseThe Glades County Courthouse      Photo Credit - T. Bevis
  • Cane Harvesting Photo Credit T. BevisCane Harvesting        Photo Credit - T. Bevis
  • Nicodemis Slough Photo Credit Tony BevisNicodemis Slough     Photo Credit - T.Bevis
  • River Fog Photo Credit Tony BevisFog setting in on the Caloosahatchee River     Photo Credit - T. Bevis

Message from the Board

Welcome to Glades County’s official website. We hope you find the streamlined design is very user friendly. The home page has key item buttons that when clicked will direct you to even more helpful options. We’re glad you’re surfing our website and invite you to come visit Gloriously Natural Glades County!

                          - Commissioner Tim Stanley

This website is currently under renovation to ensure accessibility by any disabled individual. If anyone encounters an inaccessible feature on this website, please contact our County Manager Marcos Montes De Oca at 863-946-6125 or marcos@myglades.com to advise what inaccessible feature was encountered, and to allow the County to provide the desired information through alternative means, until such time as the website renovation is complete.