Public Notices

Public Records Notice 

  1. Glade County is searching for two volunteers for appointment to the Heartland Regional Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) Citizens Advisory Committee.       As a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) member, you will represent your county and its residents in the transportation planning process for the region and provide meaningful engagement while giving voice to your community’s interests and needs.   The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is made up of citizen representatives appointed by the HRTPO Board. The CAC provides an avenue for obtaining public input for deliberations on transportation issues. The CAC assists the HRTPO Board in identifying the needs of the public and potential outreach opportunities.  The committee ensures the public has the opportunity to review and evaluate all proposed transportation plans and programs and provides their opinions, concerns, and recommendations to the HRTPO Board on behalf of their communities.   To be a member, you must either live, provide services to, or work in Glades County.  Members serve two (2) year terms and may be reappointed. Members will serve at the pleasure of the HRTPO Board.  All CAC members are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings.   The CAC meets at least quarterly. The date, time, frequency and location of the CAC meeting(s) are mutually agreed upon by the CAC membership and HRTPO Staff.   If interested, please request an application form from



Change of Transportation Disadvantaged Provider for Hendry and Glades County CTC