Located in northern Glades County along the northwestern shore of Lake Okeechobee, Lakeport was founded in 1913 and originally known as the Lakeport Colony.    A dock was constructed on Lake Okeechobee at Lakeport and freight and mail was received while produce, fish, fur, and skins were shipped out.  When the  railroad reached the City of Okeechobee in the early 1900s, thereby allowing  shipping of items to northern states, Lakeport came to be named the “fish capital” of Florida. 

The fish in the lake in the early days consisted of catfish, gar, shad, blue gills and crappie or speckled  perch (speck), as they are known here, and bass.  Due to large scale seine netting in the early years of pioneer settlement around the lake, bass is the predominant species left.  Because of this, Lake Okeechobee the “Bass  Capital” of the world and is celebrated by fishermen.  Duck hunters also flock to the lake to take advantage of the fine hunting available on the water.

In Lakeport, the lake is accessible from Harney Pond park, which boasts boat ramps, picnic tables,restrooms and a boardwalk that offers a breathtaking view of Lake Okeechobee.

Lakeport usually hosts the annual Sour Orange Festival the first Saturday in February each year. This year it is on January 18, 2020.  This festival features the celebrated “Sour Orange Dessert Contest,” in which residents and visitors alike are encouraged to enter desserts using the wild oranges which give the festival its name.